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Boudoir Photoshoot Agreement
March 25th 2023 | Session Includes Makeup & mini shoot

In partnership with Maggie Boo Photography

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and Lauren ‘Maggie’ Smith/Shari Dutkin (Providers of Services)


The Client and the Provider, each intending to be legally bound, agree that:


  1. Photo Shoot and Makeup Session will be provided on March 25th 2023. 


Schedule your Session at: 



A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required at this time to reserve your session.  

Once you have reserved your session, we will send you this Agreement.  Please sign and return the Agreement promptly.  


  1. Session confirmation and additional information will be sent to you once we receive your signed Agreement.


  2. Arrive on time before your session.  The remaining $250.00 balance is due by cash or              Venmo prior to your session.


  3. Makeup and photo session will not exceed more than 1.5 hours total.


  4. Copyright Publication Rights.  The Contract shall retain ownership of photos.  If the client            posts on any form of social media and uses photos by MAGGIE BOO PHOTOGRAPHY, the        client must credit photos and tag in photo and caption @MAGGIEBOOPHOTOGRAPHY              and @SHARIDDOESMAKEUP.  If posted to social media, images cannot be screen shot              because this alters the integrity of the photos. If posting photos on social media, there can          be no more altering of photos. This includes but is not limited to additional use of filters,              presets, etc. 


   5. The sessions are set up on a tight schedule.  If you arrive late for an appointment that time           may be reduced from your session.  The Provider reserves the right to turn away a client if           they arrive 15+ minutes late.  

   6. If you "no show" for your appointment, you are responsible for the $250 balance                       due via Venmo.


   7. $350.00 Session to include makeup and photo shoot- 1.5 hours total

       Provider will send all photos to client through Google Drive within 30 days.

   8. Expedited editing is available upon request to Maggie Boo Photography. $50 for 3 day             turnaround.


The client shall pay the Provider in accordance with the following schedule:


  1. $100 NONREFUNDABLE deposit to be paid via link: 


   2. The remaining balance of $250 is to be made at the shoot location prior to the scheduled          session.  Payment can be made via Venmo or cash. 

Boudoir Photoshoot Agreement
March 25th 2023 | Session Includes Makeup & mini shoot

Agreed upon by;
Shari Dutkin

Agreed upon by;
Lauren "Maggie" Smith

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