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Hi, I'm Shari!...

Basically, I started dancing and singing the moment I was born- so blue eyeshadow and red lipstick at dance recital was what I knew from a very early age!! (Not to mention, my mom was always super stylish and never left the house without some sort of makeup on!) Growing up back stage you see all kinds of ARTISTRY at its finest! How makeup can SHAPE and TRANSFORM! How insanely different just a little bit of "paint" can make someone FEEL! Through my stage life is where I first fell in love with doing MAKE UP- specifically, backstage as a dancer in Cirque Du Soleil! THAT was ART and just solidified my want to become a makeup artist "when I grew up"!

Before Social Media, makeup lovers looked to MAC to learn artistry and keep up on trends, so when I landed a job there in my early 20s, I knew I had fallen into the beginning of my career in makeup! Though I knew how to do my own makeup, MAC is where I became an ARTIST and learned to APPLY makeup on OTHER people, ALL KINDS of people! I started to find my personal style as an artist, was able to explore my creativity and started to have a following.

I have had the opportunity to work for many major brands in my career, coaching artists along the east coast, heading up education departments, as well as being lead makeup artist for numerous national cosmetics campaigns. I have also been an artist at NYC Fashion week and on QVC!

My fave thing about being a makeup artist is CONNECTING! 

Learning about who I'm working on- their personality and style, listening to ideas/concerns, and collaborating towards finding them the perfect makeup look that makes them feel their most STUNNING- THAT is what keeps me ENERGIZED!

(Cmon, we all know makeup artists are here to be like your therapist too, right?!)

WHATEVER THE OCCASION MAY BE, I look forward to working with you and enhancing your natural beauty!!!

Let's talk! I'd love to learn about your EVENT!
Questions? Inquiries?Thoughts?
Please, ask away!

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